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24/7 emergency parts delivery across Ontario

Emergencies and Breakdowns

Vaughan Industrial offers 24/7 emergency parts delivery across Ontario. We utilize both our warehouse in Vaughan, as well as our key supplier warehouses located across the province to deliver what you need, exactly when you need it.

The combination of having good inventory and access to our extensive supplier network of products ensures that your parts are out and delivered within a matter of hours, not days.

Repairs, Rebuilds and Relags

Vaughan Industrial offers on-site visual inspections of your worn equipment to determine if the parts can be refurbished or repaired. We work with local certified repair shops to ensure your gearbox, motor, auger, pulley or other equipment is thoroughly inspected and refurbished to operate like new.

Vaughan Industrial can perform belt conveyor and screw conveyor calculations to identify any causes of premature failure or wear. We have the capability to offer component and material upgrades to increase the life and capacity of all your equipment.

Complete Custom Projects

Vaughan Industrial has the resources and the expertise to supply any customer requirements you have. This could be a simple one-piece component for a special piece of equipment or a complete custom system for your unique application.

We offer products in not only a wide range of materials, but also through different forming, casting, forging, fabricating or moulding processes.

Vaughan Industrial can help design full belt and screw conveyor systems, bucket elevators, drag conveyors and automated systems. We will make your vision a reality!

Inventory Programs

Vaughan Industrial identifies all your critical spares and, through product sizing, helps you consolidate and standardize products across different pieces of equipment. Through mutual agreements, we will also stock the products for you and only bill you once they ship! This will ensure that you have that critical spare close by, while also keeping your capital free for other investments and upgrades. 

With our product knowledge, we can help identify any redundancies you have in your stock rooms, saving you money and space.

On-Site Assessments

Vaughan Industrial is fully equipped to complete product identifications on-site to ensure that you are getting the correct replacement part for your equipment.  We can also interchange European or overseas equipment to local suppliers or standard parts. This will ensure a quicker turn around on replacement parts going forward.

Vaughan Industrial can perform full conveyor assessments and trouble shoot any ongoing challenges you are having such as; belts slipping, augers squealing, premature component wear, bucket elevator concerns and much more. 

Full-Service Approach

Vaughan Industrial can oversee your complete project from start to finish. From concept to design, to delivery to install; Vaughan Industrial works with top level fabricators, assemblers and installers to ensure that our commitment to you is met.

From the design phase, we listen to our customers and ensure we have a full and complete understanding of their requirements. From there, we work with our manufacturers and ensure that everything has been completed to design.

Finally, we work with the best local millwrights and installers to ensure the equipment is set up and commissioned to meet and exceed your expectations. 


Vaughan Industrial Supply is a reputable solutions-service provider and distributor of industrial parts located in Vaughan, Ontario.

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